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How to become a better developer?

September 10, 2013

Some thoughts about what is required to becoming a better programmer:

  • Read the documentation, Read the specifications of the language
  • Read Code – Write Code – Teach Code
  • Contribute to open source projects
  • Learn a new language every year
  • You only get better if you challenge yourself, move out of your comfort zone
  • Create a blog, write articles on your blog
  • Work on personal projects, build web applications
  • Get involved in user groups
  • Go to technical conferences
  • Teach code – explain something to a co worker
  • Think deeply about the code
  • Do some programming volunteer work for a non profit organization
  • Deliberately practice coding to reach expert level, lots of practice and focus on improvement
  • Do coding katas, particpate in coding dojos, coding koans
  • Read code to learn: codeplex, github, stackexchange, Google code, decompile
  • Reading code, check for patterns, read the unit tests, configuration files and references
  • Criticize the code, look for code contracts, exception handling, formatting, inheritance or interfaces
  • Read the documentation
  • Learning a new language, framework, get new ideas, learn new ways of solving problems
  • Get a list of tutorials, get a library of technical books
  • Join forums, join groups, read blogs and find some mentors
  • Create new projects and get feedback on your code, code reviews online, peers, fxcop, stylecop
  • Share your code,, github gist, email, social networks, screen sharing
  • Pair programming, team code review, self review
  • Get further education, training, certifications
  • Online training, classroom training, conferences, on the job, technical content, workshops, user groups
  • A few hours a week pair a senior developer with a junior developer to implement a new feature
  • Show and tell about your personal projects
  • Daily standups

Happy Programing! ๐Ÿ™‚

One Comment
  1. Best advice I ever got:

    Remember; your code IS NOT a communication between you and the machine. It’s a communication between you _and the next developer_.

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