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21. Catch/Throw, TypeOf()/.GetType(), Constructor

March 1, 2011

61. What is the difference between: catch(Exception e) { throw e;} and catch(Exception e) {throw;}?
Both versions will catch every exception thrown inside the preceding try block. The second rethrows the current exception, keeping its source and stack trace. The first changes the source and stack trace, making it appear that the exception has been thrown from this method, containing the try-catch block, precisely at the line where the fully qualified exception is thrown.

62. What is the difference between typeof(foo) and myFoo.GetType()?
type(foo) returns the objects type at compile time. myFoo.GetType() return the objects type at run time, following the format object dot method.

63. Explain what’s happening in the first constructor: public class c{ public c(string a) : this() {;}; public c() {;} } How is this construct useful?
The first constructor calls the base constructor in addition to its own parameter. This is useful if the base constructor initialized shared, common fields or implements code the  invoking constructor can use.

Happy Programming! =)

Source: mainly MSDN.


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