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Tip 4.11: How to enter MDI mode

June 20, 2010

“Visual Studio Tips, 251 ways to improve your Productivity in Visual Studio”, courtesy of ‘Sara Ford’

Sara Ford’s Weblog

There’s a setting to toggle Visual Studio from the default tabbed documents mode to the MDI mode.
Go to the Tools–Options–Environment–General page, and select Multiple Documents under
Window Layout.

For you Visual Studio .NET 2003 users, you may remember that you had to restart Visual Studio to use
MDI. We fixed this (well, the developer fixed it and Sara tested it) in Visual Studio 2005, so restarting
Visual Studio is no longer required.

If you’re familiar with MDI mode, you might ask, "Can you tile horizontally or vertically? Can you cascade?"
Go to the Window menu, and you’ll find new options.

Note that both Auto Hide All and Reset Window Layout apply to tool windows. The Cascade, Tile Horizontally,
Tile Vertically, and Close All Documents commands apply to document editors, designers, and any tool windows
in a tabbed document state.

*Feature not enabled in Visual Studio 2010

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