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“VS Tips, 251 Ways To Improve Your Productivity in Visual Studio” courtesy of my VS Queen “Sara Ford”

July 25, 2009
Nils Aside: Today at 5:00 PM (CET), 8:00 AM (PDT) Sara tweeted via TinyTwitter that she had overslept her karate training after #oscon and that she really
needed the sleep. She then asked if she was starting to learn her own limits? Nils says "No, Sara you don’t have any limits except the self-imposed
ones. There are no limits. You can do everything you set your mind on. Mind over matter."
Let’s get back to basics and learn this new tip. It’s all about the numbers. My superhero is #ICalculator, she/he counts everything.
Tip 1.31: How to show line numbers in the editor.
Go to Tools–Options–Text Editor–All Languages–General, and check Line Numbers to show line numbers for all files.
If you just want to see (or not see) the line numbers of a specific file, you can override this global setting by going to the Text Editor–
<specific language>–General page.
Cool, huh? Did you know that? Now we know and we are all happy.
"VS Tips, 251 Ways To Improve Your PRODUCTIVITY in Visual Studio" courtesy of "Sara Ford", super smart fox.
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